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What is Margaret Quarter? - Margit-negyed

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  • What is Margaret Quarter?



Margaret Quarter is a new Urban Revitalization Program of Budapest II. District Municipality, focusing on Margaret Boulevard and its neighborhood.

The Program aims to create a local ecosystem where community and cultural initiatives are favored in addition to quality commercial services. The Municipality encourages service providers and entrepreneurs to prioritize community and artistic values so that a diverse and lively district can develop to delight residents and visitors. The idea is to awaken the neighborhood under a unified brand name full of cultural and community values, environmental awareness, and economic sustainability.

The Program

  • Supports local cultural events and activities
  • Calls for applications on renting municipality-owned business premises
  • Strengthens and develops local communities
  • Helps residents with bureaucratic procedures
  • Creates neighborhood identity by promoting local entities
  • Facilitates communication between residents, businesses, and the Municipality 
  • Informs about investments and events in the area
  • Initiates dialogue with the residents about local needs
  • Organizes cultural events

We believe an urban development program can only function sustainably based on local communities. With small interventions, we aim to facilitate communication between inhabitants and authorities to improve the everyday lives of those who live and work here.

The History of Margaret Quarter

2020 Autumn

Margaret Quarter is legally born.


Budapest Autumn Festival -Margaret quarter organizes the district”s festival events, 1st, and 2nd real estate tenders.


Opening Margaret-quarter ‘Living Room’ – a community & event space, participation in the Budapest Spring Festival, 3rd real-estate tender, the launch of Társas.Ház, a condominium-, and community development program.

Organizational Structure

The Margaret Quarter Program of the II. District Municipality currently includes 3 administrative units:

  1. Operative Team

The Operative Team maintains contact with residents and entrepreneurs, organizes community events, and constantly seeks new ideas to make the neighborhood more vibrant and livable. The team is also responsible for carrying out the real estate tender’s operative tasks, helping applicants navigate the application procedure, and organizing them for the MNDTT’s proposition board.

2. Margaret Quarter Decision Preparation & Advisory Board (MNDTT)

The MNDTT pre-screens and discusses the rental applications organized by the Operative Team and advises the Economic and Ownership Committee on decision-making (GTB). 

MNDTT Board Members:

Daniel Berg


Daniel Ongjerth

Head of Professional Board

Györgyi Csanády-Szikszay


dr. Krisztián Tas

Local Representative

Zsófia Besenyei

Local Representative

dr. Zsolt Bíró

Local Representative

Andrea Osvart, actress

Community Chief Patron

Tamás Dévényi, architect

Professional Chief Patron

  1. The Economic and Ownership Committee (GTB)

The GTB, exercising the Municipality’s ownership rights, decides on the rental applications based on the MNDTT’s advice.

GTB Board Members


dr. Zsolt Bíró

Local Representatives:

Zsófia Besenyei

László Ernyey

Roland Kiss

Non-representative members:

dr. Zsófia Sánta

dr. Péter Szepesházi

dr. Ágnes Mária Kalota